Zambia: The role of experts in corporate business and economic growth

Zambia: The role of experts in corporate business and economic growth


Global experts are expected to contribute to the long-term well-being of organizations and underlying countries.

In late November 2009, I was able to attend the Annual National Development Conference of the Zambian Institute for Policy Analysis in Lusaka.

The meeting was officially held by then-Governor of the Bank of Zambia (BoZ), Caleb Hundanga.

In his speech, the former central bank governor said the level of professionalism was declining in Zambia.

“You will agree that the level of professionalism in our country has declined slightly lately. Today, it is not uncommon to hear corruption and unethical behavior in both the public and private sectors.

“This is definitely a loss of professionalism,” said Dr. Fundanga.

He then urges experts to embrace a high level of professionalism to make a remarkable contribution to the development of their organization and country.

Imagine that it was 12 years ago!

What would he say if this conference were to be held today?

The discourse highlights a number of hair-growth cases that illustrate the need for organizations to increasingly embrace professionalism as part of their innate daily values ​​and practices.

Indeed, over the last few decades, organizations and countries have made remarkable progress and development.

These developments are clearly the result of the efforts and contributions of professionals from various industries and professionals.

Despite these developments, there have been incidents that have attracted attention in Zambia’s business, the national economy, which is a sign of a “decline of professionals.”

These incidents threaten the long-term survival of a company’s business organization and the country as a whole if not addressed from its roots.

How else did the Zambia Compulsory Standards Authority (ZCSA) recall last year’s incidence in one of the country’s leading cement manufacturers, recalling cement loaded on trucks after a failed quality conformance test? Do you want?

In addition, how would you describe last month’s media coverage of the incidence of companies supplying expired medicines and condoms to the public health sector?

As mentioned earlier, South African Airways (SAA) has been unable to fly on time, reduced levels of in-flight and out-of-flight services, inadequate meals and meals, compared to competitors since the late 1990s. I experienced repeated occurrences such as high airfares.

please think about it. In all of the above, SAA operations, flights, catering, management, finance and operations are specialized areas of expertise.

Lack of in-flight meals, poor service quality, and delayed flight departures certainly fall short of professional service.

Where were the experts?

What was the role of SAA, the designated cement manufacturer, and all the experts in the recently reported drug scandal?

What were these professionals trained to do?

What ethics and values ​​do they support in their profession and work?

The question of the K1 trillion is where are the experts when businesses and the national economy are facing challenges.

Zambian Experts: Are lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors, economists and many others part of the problems facing these organizations and countries, or are they part of the solution?

Global companies are increasingly faced with the daunting challenges of transparency, accountability, ethics and value in carrying out their activities.

This imposes a daunting requirement on each business organization and economic expert to comply with the above requirements.

Imagine that when the market economy recovered in 1989, Czech companies and government officials gradually became aware of their professionalism. Ethical business behavior has been a key factor influencing the overall quality and international appeal of a country’s business environment.

In addition, a culture of ethical practices has become an important consideration for foreign companies looking to bring their businesses to Central Europe.

Over the decades, they have found that an increase in the corporate value index is clearly associated with improved book value corporate performance from the market.

High levels of organizational performance have been found to be directly due to high levels of applied corporate and personal ethics.

Come to think of it, all businesses and public institutions usually play the role of different groups of individuals and professionals.

Therefore, this is because the customs, beliefs, norms, values, and ethics endorsed by these individuals and groups of these professionals are the governance, property rights, legal controls, business contracts, of these businesses or countries. It means determining how business transactions and financial markets usually work. You will be forced.