Watch now: Workshop aims to help veterans become entrepreneurs | SIU

Watch now: Workshop aims to help veterans become entrepreneurs | SIU


Business Development Center

The Southern Illinois University Carbondale Illinois Small Business Development Center is located on Innovation Drive in Carbondale.

A daylong workshop introducing military veterans and their families to the world of entrepreneurship is set for Sept. 14 at Southern Illinois University’s Illinois Small Business Development Center.

The free “Boots to Business Reboot” workshop will be offered both in-person and online and will offer insight into a number of start-up and new business topics. The seminar is aimed at helping veterans determine if a business idea is viable and provide a number of resources and tools to start a new business.

“Veterans are a unique group, but they are very much situated for entrepreneurship and these workshops are tailored to this audience,” explained Greg Bouhl, entrepreneurship and business development director of SIU’s Office of Economic and Regional Development.

The program, which was developed by the Small Business Administration’s Veterans Business Outreach Center, will include sessions on legal entities of businesses, financing, marketing and general business concepts.

Bouhl said entrepreneurship can be challenging for many veterans because of the difference in structure.

“They often come from a very strict environment in the military where their days are fairly well-planned. Being an entrepreneur requires some flexibility because when you are your own boss, you don’t have somebody telling you wat to do and when to do it; you have to be the one,” he explained.

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