Virtusa announces 2021 trend yearbook

Virtusa announces 2021 trend yearbook


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 28 (ANI / News Voir): Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, IT services and solutions, helps clients change and disrupt their markets through innovation engineering today. We announced the results of the annual trend Armanac survey. Currently available, Armanac features technologies and developments that will dominate the business and consumer outlook until 2021.

For the 2021 Trend Yearbook, Virtusa has identified seven technologies and trends that businesses can leverage to succeed in the new post-pandemic era. Armanac contains detailed details and examples designed to help guide businesses on the right path to success in these difficult times. The main trends identified by Virtusa technology and business leaders are digital identity, edge computing, Lending 2.0, Doctor AI, Future Fit Innovation, AI Battle for Cybersecurity, and Programmable Realities.

Senthil Ravindran, Executive Vice President of Virtusa and Global Head of Cloud Transformation and Digital Innovation, said: , Remotework is the new standard, video is the new conference room, and companies are struggling not only to catch up, but to prepare for long-term success. At the 2021 Trend Armanac, our hope is to guide technology leaders to start their journey on the right foothold. 2021: 1 technological trends. Digital IDs: Bringing Law and Order to the World of Virtual IDs-Digital IDs are essential, but success requires a trust framework that introduces new guidelines and solutions that provide both law and order.

2. On-the-Edge: Nearly Zero Latency Promise-Edge computing creates IoT that provides the ability to process data as intelligently as possible at the source, bringing practical benefits to the vast majority of people around the world. To do.

3. Loans 2.0: A New Era of Loans-In the Post-Pandemic World, Banks Use COVID Threat Scores to Protect themselves from Potentially Catastrophic Losses, while at the same time SMBs become prominent again Serve as a trusted advisor to assist.

4. Doctor AI: Meet Now-Saving Personal Care with Artificial Intelligence: As patients experience the convenience of remote and digital care solutions, providers and payers will become AI for mental and digital health. And rethink the healthcare delivery model. High-end encryption and multi-layer cybersecurity protection.

5. Future Fit Innovation: III Wind of Mass Disruption Sparks Leaner Innovation Practices-Companies are embracing the idea of ​​a permanent remote or hybrid workforce, and businesses and IT leaders are looking to lean innovation to prepare for this future. Is facing.

6. AI Battle for Cybersecurity: Enterprises and Hackers-Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and persistent, and AI is proactive in helping businesses anticipate, detect, and fix threats to maintain a secure enterprise. It plays a more important role in supporting the approach.

7. Programmable Reality: Our Life in the Metaverse-In 2021, we’ll take advantage of VR headsets and AR apps to transform our approach to health and welfare, learn new skills, and interact. , The industry that consumes entertainment will increase.

Link to Virtusa Trend Almac 2021: Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of digital business strategy, digital engineering, and information technology (IT) services and solutions, helping clients change, confuse, and unleash new value through innovation engineering. To do. Virtusa serves 2000 global companies in the banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, media, entertainment, travel, manufacturing and technology industries.

Virtusa helps clients grow their businesses with innovative products and services that use digital labor, forward-looking operations and IT platforms, and streamline and modernize IT application infrastructure to increase operational efficiency. I will. It combines deep contextual expertise, empowered agile teams, and measurable engineering to drive business at unparalleled speeds made possible by a culture of collaborative turmoil. This is achieved by a unique approach to creating a unique solution.

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