Transform your Business with Fiber-Optic Cabling


With most businesses and organizations already on the cloud, secure hi-speed connections are essential and the best way to do this is install fiber-optic cables throughout your offices, which will give you lightning-fast data access across the board. If you are in the tech sector, reliable and secure connections are essential and if you have yet to look into making the switch to fiber-optic, now is the perfect time to talk to a leading supplier and installer of high-grade fiber-optic cable.

Increased Bandwidth

When to make the switch to fiber-optic, your bandwidth capacity increases significantly with much faster downloads and uploads and the installation team who are BICSI certified to carry out work throughout Texas can quickly configure your LAN for fiber. Routers in your office allow staff to wear headsets, which really does boost productivity, while giving your employees freedom and independence with their business communication.

Specialist Installation

Technicians that work with the glass strands must be trained and equipped to test and install fiber-optic cable and they use a device called an optical time-domain reflectometer for inspection and troubleshooting. Once the cabling is complete and your local area network is connected, you can enjoy the many benefits of upgrading your data transfer to optic. If you are thinking of taking a degree course, click here.

Why Fiber over Copper?

Aside from the big difference in data transfer speed, fiber-optic can transmit data over longer distances, maintaining a strong signal, with minimal data loss. Another benefit of fiber-optic is the material does not corrode, unlike copper wire, making for the perfect solution for high-speed data transfer. If you would like to learn more about fiber-optic cabling, search online for a telecommunications provider that specializes in fiber-optic installation and they can quote for the project.

Get Ready for 5G

5G will revolutionize the business arena and fiber-optic can handle the very fast data transfer speeds that 5G brings and the best time to make the switch from copper to fiber is now. Video conferencing with 5G broadband ensures that your business runs smoothly and your secure cloud network will run ten times as fast as with regular copper wiring. Costs of fiber-optic has come down a lot in the last couple of years and it is now more affordable than ever.

Customized Installation Design

Every business premises is unique and this calls for a custom design of the fiber-optic network, which also keeps costs down. Once the infrastructure is in place, your network is connected and configured by certified fiber-optic technicians and there is very little maintenance and no interference with fiber glass strands.

Here is a report on the fiber-optics feasibility assessment from the Office of Electricity, which highlights the demand for commercial and residential fiber-optic cabling. It will take a few years to fully switch from copper to fiber-optic across the entire US and if you want your business to benefit from high-speed Internet, search online for a fiber-optic provider that services your area.

If you make the switch to fiber-optic, your business will enjoy many benefits and you will be equipped for a new dimension in digital technology.

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