Tinley Park To Consider Updating Zoning For Tobacco Businesses

Tinley Park To Consider Updating Zoning For Tobacco Businesses


TINLEY PARK, Ill. — The Village of Tinley Park may soon be updating its zoning regulations for tobacco businesses.

The Village Board of Trustees discussed possible changes Tuesday, Sept. 7, during the Committee of the Whole meeting.

“Staff is always looking at ways to improve our Zoning Ordinance or figure out if there are any issues or inconsistencies,” Tinley Park Senior Planner Daniel Ritter told the board members. “One of those is with tobacco store regulations. That has kind of been reoccurring lately.”

Ritter said tobacco-related zoning laws have not changed in the Village since the ordinance was adopted in 1978.

“They are really regulated like any other store — so, if somebody is selling vacuums, it is regulated the same as a tobacco business,” he said. “[But the tobacco industry] has changed quite a bit.”

The board members all expressed interest in staff looking into potential zoning changes, including Trustee Michael Mueller.

“I think we should look to separate it from the rest of the uses,” Mueller said. “I, personally, feel that we should be making this a special use in our business district. I think that will give the board a little more discretion about where these come and how many of these come, especially within a single strip mall.

“I think making it a special use will still give businesses the opportunity to come to Tinley Park, but it will keep this from exploding in a single strip mall.”

At the conclusion of the conversation, Ritter said staff will research other towns’ regulations regarding tobacco-use zoning and put those changes before the Plan Commission prior to it coming back to the Village Board for final approval.

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