Three Waves in the IT Infrastructure Industry

Three Waves in the IT Infrastructure Industry


The· IT infrastructure The industry has experienced three waves over the last few decades and I like to use animal analogies to introduce them. The first wave can be referenced using the pet and cow analogy, which is familiar to many in the IT industry. In the old days, there were few servers and they were treated like pets. We didn’t have many of them, but what we had, we loved and cared for them. We named them and devoted their lives to making them happy.

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Matt Watts is the Chief Technology Evangelist of. NetApp..

As technology became more basic to business, clusters of servers became more military. We now had a herd of cows, not a herd of pets to take care of.Virtualization exacerbated this trend as physical servers began to look like this: Virtual machine (VM) Around the mid-naughty. To shorten the long story, we no longer had the bandwidth to name and care for all of those last ones.

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