These are the most ambitious cities in America

These are the most ambitious cities in America


The US population is more ambitious than ever.According to census data, the number of new businesses between March and April 2021 application It increased by almost 9% across the United States.

So where in the United States is the most ambitious? A New report by Go.Verizon Shows the 15 most business-savvy cities across the United States.

Go.Verizon, a premium partner and authorized reseller of Verizon, an internet and telephone service provider, used census data to identify the most ambitious US cities.

America’s most ambitious city

The study identified the cities inhabited by the most ambitious residents, taking into account six different factors.

These factors included the city’s average income, unemployment, people with a bachelor’s degree or above, the number of business applications, the percentage of the population starting a new business, and home ownership.

The findings provide important insights for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone thinking of starting their own business. By showing which businesses are thriving in different cities, entrepreneurs can better recognize where their businesses are based for optimal success.

Go.Verizon said: “The team at Verizon’s authorized reseller, Go. Verizon, is impressed with the ingenuity. More than half of American adults are vaccinated, so it’s an opportunity that many people accept and do so I would like to celebrate the best city for you. “

Top 15 most ambitious cities

Sugar Land, Texas

With household income of $ 157,923 and an unemployment rate of only 3%, Sugar Land has become number one in America’s most business-minded city.

West Covina, California

West Covina is like a mecca for world-class shopping malls. And the city of California, where 128,306 business applications were submitted in 2019, is a natural second place.

Torrance, California

Follow West Covina with an ambitious bet by Torrance. Torrance, which is welcomed as a beach paradise for business owners, has a low unemployment rate of 2.5%.

Santa Clarita, California

70% of homes are owned by Santa Clarita. This is the statistic that puts this city in the fourth position on the ambitious list.

Carlsbad, California

Almost half of Carlsbad’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. With an educated, business-savvy and hard-working resident, this Californian city ranks fifth in the competition to find the most ambitious city in the United States.

Norwalk, California

Norwalk is renowned for its artistic and cultural center and is the perfect place for artist entrepreneurs to base themselves. In addition, almost 64% of homeowners live and are ranked 6th in an ambitious ranking.

Pembroke Pines, Florida

With 53% of the population recently starting a new business, Pembroke Pines in Florida bags a natural place on the list.

Frisco, Texas

Video game museums, vintage car collections, and open-air concert halls are just a few of the many companies in Frisco with an average household income of $ 153,704.

Thousand Oaks, California

With a low unemployment rate of 2.9%, the city of shopping malls, cultural centers and food festivals is ranked 9th on the list.

Coral Springs, Florida

Business owners make up 53 of Coral Springs’ population, with Florida City in 10th place.

Fremont, California

More than 51% of the population has at least a bachelor’s degree, making highly educated cities worthy of a list.

Columbia, Missouri

Colombia, Missouri is highly regarded as a paradise for small business owners, with an unemployment rate of 2.4% and an average household income of $ 127,885.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona, where only 2% of the population is unemployed, is an ambitious In fact, it’s the most ambitious city in the United States!

Burbank, California

Burbank is a business-savvy hub with an average household income of $ 103,777 for resentful people.

Miami Gardens, Florida

With 53% of the population being business owners, it’s no surprise that Miami Gardens in Florida had to put it in Go-Verizon’s 15 most ambitious cities on the US list.


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