Storm damage across the Tri-States

Storm damage across the Tri-States


(WGEM) – Strong storms left damage behind in several Tri-State communities Friday night, affecting homes and businesses, and cutting off power to several areas.

Perry, Missouri

Winds uprooted trees and snapped off branches in Perry, Missouri, where there’s extensive damage across the town.

Pieces of barns and sheds were reported to be blown around town. Shingles were also ripped off of roofs on homes.

Perry residents say they’ve been told they could be without power for up to a day. They say firefighters were going door-to-door to locate residents who needed power for medical reasons.

Monroe City, Missouri

The power was also knocked out in Monroe City, Missouri, as storms downed trees and power poles in the area.

Several power poles were knocked down along Route W, south of Monroe City.

Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson said Blackjack Marina at Mark Twain Lake sustained severe damage and asked people to avoid the area.

Ralls County power outage

The power is expected to be off through the weekend in parts of Ralls County, Missouri. as crews from around the state work to rebuild power infrastructure.

Lynn Hodges, the Ralls County Electric Cooperative General Manager, said they had over a thousand meters that are not getting power as of 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

“A bad storm for us is maybe six poles broken,” Hodges said. “We currently have over 50 poles that have snapped. We don’t even have space to store 50 poles in our pole yard.”

Hodges said additional crews are coming in to help from as far away as southern Missouri and Kansas City. Those crews are also bringing extra poles to help get power lines back in the air.

“In roughly 20 years, this is as bad as we’ve seen it,” Hodges said. “This is a major outage for us.”

Jellystone Campground

Not far away, at Jellystone Campground, campers said storms left behind a great deal of damage.

Marion County Presiding Commissioner David Lomax, who happened to be camping at the campground Friday night, said a trailer at the campground was lifted off its leveling blocks and pushed sideways a couple of feet. He said a piece of debris landed just feet from his travel trailer.

“I heard the classic tornado-freight-train roar at about (10:10 p.m.), moving from northwest to southeast, passing perhaps a half-mile east of us.” Lomax said. “My trailer was blown up onto two wheels a couple of times as it went through.”

Lomax said he packed up and left after the storm blew through since the storm knocked out the power.

Mt. Sterling, Illinois

West-Central Illinois didn’t avoid the damage. A Mt. Sterling, Illinois, business owner said the storms snapped trees and power poles in half, knocking some of that down near his business. He said a lot of the damage was on the east side of Illinois 99.

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