Springfield Illinois

The Capital Of Illinois And A Great Historic City

About Springfield Today

Springfield Illinois is a great city located in the center of the state. Geographically it is actually closer to St Louis Missouri than it is to Chicago. It serves as the Capital of the state, which is confusing to many people, because the majority of people elsewhere only think of Chicago. The city has a population of around 120,000 and has a mostly stable economy based upon the fact that the number one employer for the city is the State Of Illinois, which only occasionally shuts down. The economy there is also bolstered by other non factory employers such as those in the medical industry including Memorial Health Systems, St John’s Hospital and SIU School Of Medicine.

A Rich Historic Tradition

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For those of you that were not aware, Springfield is the official home of Abraham Lincoln.  There are SO many things to see here in the town about him.  Probably the most popular is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library And Museum    It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.  Springfield is also the home of Abe Lincoln home and also the Lincoln Tomb. In addition to all the Lincoln stuff, there is the official State of Illinois stuff here.  There is the State Capital Building, the Governor’s mansion, and everyone’s least favorite place the Illinois Department of revenue that just loves to take your money if you are an Illinois citizen 🙁
Springfield Illinois Landmark - Abe Lincoln Home

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