‘Small Town, Big Business’ podcast supports area entrepreneurs | Local News

‘Small Town, Big Business’ podcast supports area entrepreneurs | Local News


She said one of her goals with the podcast is to dispel the myth is that businesses locate in small communities simply because it is home.

“My biggest hypothesis is that not everyone is in their small town because of family,” she explained. “I feel like it is a misnomer. I believe it is more than that. I want to showcase the quality of life small towns provide, the low cost of living and the sense of comradery you get from your neighbors, your customers and even your competitors.”

The team has often records the podcasts weeks in advance, providing O’Neill with time for editing and post-production. In addition to releasing audio podcasts on a variety of platforms, each “Small Town, Big Business” episode is also video recorded and available on YouTube.

Williams said one of the goals of the podcast is to encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region.

“People often think that there’s not enough money or enough support in small towns for a new business; that you have to go to a metro area,” he said. “That’s not true. Small towns are looking to invest in their small towns, in their businesses and jobs.”

Guests on previously-released episodes include Marion Mayor Mike Absher, Troy Ray and Katie Karcher of Seasoning Bistro , Steve Fowler of Fowler Heating and Cooling and Josh Benitone and Jared Gravatt of Crown Brew Coffee Co.

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