Small Business Highlights: Bobbie Lanes BBQ | Community

Small Business Highlights: Bobbie Lanes BBQ | Community


Decatur, Illinois (Wand)-Bobby Lanes BBQ will soon make a comeback with Decatur. It was a popular spot for the local barbecue community.

“It was open only on weekends, but it sells out every weekend,” said Brandon Durick, co-owner of Bobby Lanes.

Dulik suffered the same fate that some small businesses experienced during the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, we had to close because of COVID,” said Brandon Durick.

“It was difficult to tell our followers and customers that we were closed,” said Ashley Durick, co-owner of Bobby Lanes. “I didn’t know if it would resume, but that was the scariest thing.”

Bobbie Lanes has been closed for over a year, but recently opened on the main street of Downtown Decatur.

“We said we’d go for it,” said Brandon Durick. “I plan to quit my other job and open five days a week, but eventually I want to be seven days a week.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing new faces fill more people from the downtown area and fill new buildings. I can’t wait to serve great food to our community.”

The location of Bobby Lane is different, but rest assured. You will smoke the same barbecue.

“We bring a central style Texas barbecue. Brisket is our short top with salt, pepper and garlic and I smoke it,” said Brandon Durick. “Just a lot of passion, a lot of love.”

“It’s amazing to see how Brandon works with BBQ and how passionate he is in cooking,” said Ashley Durick.

Soon, Brandon will regain the customer experience he’s missing.

“When I see a room full of people, I smile,” Brandon said. “You can walk around and tell your story, and people love it-it’s the best part of it.”

Brandon and Ashely say the goal is to be open to them 121S.New location on the main street September 1st.

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