Residents, students, businesses react to mask mandate and vaccine requirement

Residents, students, businesses react to mask mandate and vaccine requirement


(WSIL) — Starting Monday, August 30, you’ll have to wear a mask indoors again, regardless of your vaccination status. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker says vaccines will be required for all P-12 teachers and staff. In higher education, staff and students must be vaccinated.

News 3 has mixed reaction from viewers about each part of those announcements. We talked with businesses, students, and residents.

“Unfortunately we are running out of time as our hospitals run out of beds,” said Governor Pritzker.

A new statewide mask mandate is going into effect next week. Local residents say they aren’t too thrilled about the announcement.

“I think you should only wear the mask if let’s say if you have health problems or if you’re pregnant. But overall, if you have no problems, like health problems or anything and you’ve been vaccinated, you shouldn’t wear a mask,” said Illinois resident, Ryan Crosley.

Some people tell us as long as you’re vaccinated then you shouldn’t have to wear a mask. Other residents tell us they are concerned about the germs that can get on your mask and they say if you touch the mask it could make you or others sick.

And we’ve also been told that people just don’t agree with being forced to wear a mask.

“I don’t think it should be like that, like if you get vaccinated, you should be able to show your cards, you don’t have to wear a mask. And I don’t also like it being him, I think it should be like the local people,” said Johnston City resident, Michael Dangbar.

He explained to us it should be local governments that are in control of mask mandates.

The mandate applies to anyone going indoors, including bars, restaurants and grocery stores.

“So we will enforce it, we’ll ask everybody that comes in to wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask, we’ve always offered them and we’ll have them at the door. It’s just really for everybody’s safety,” said Neighborhood Co-Op Brand Manager, Amy Dion.

Along with the mask mandate Governor Pritzker announced vaccine requirements for school employees, higher education students and health care workers in various settings.

“I’ve already been vaccinated and of course they are going to make exceptions for people who have like religious or health reasons to not get the vaccine. So, I don’t think that a mandate is really that threatening,” said SIU Senior, Alexandra Banks.

Those who are required to get the vaccine must receive at least one dose of a two-dose vaccination or a single dose by September 5th. And those who are unable or unwilling must get tested at least twice a week.

“I hope that more and more Illinoisans on the fence about the vaccine will get the vaccinated as soon as possible,” said Governor Pritzker.

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