Rajkot Residents Announce Business Book

Rajkot Residents Announce Business Book


Rajkot (Gujarat) [India], August 17 (ANI / PNN): Imagine a mobile app that acts as a business directory, allowing users to look for jobs, buy and sell real estate, sell second-hand goods, and post to the timeline. please. This kind of all-in-one super app is more than just an imagination, it’s already a reality.

Jignesh Lakkad, who has a master’s degree in information technology and lives in Rajkot, is the creator of Businessbook, a superappli with the above features.

Jignesh, a partner of Webstar Infoway Pvt Ltd., launched Businessbook as a business directory on February 7, 2021. By the way, he soon got into an accident and was bedridden for a few weeks. While he was recovering, a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic struck, causing local blockades and restrictions in Gujarat and many other states, and many lost their jobs and livelihoods. I did.

“It was a difficult time for everyone. I spent a few days thinking about how I could help others. To enhance the utility of the app and help people make money. After realizing that, I started working on adding features to my Businessbook, “said Jignesh. Super app.

The app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times since Jignesh revamped it, helping many individuals recover and businesses finding new customers.

The Businessbook has seven main functions. One is the business directory. It allows users to register their business by adding details such as name, product, and location. Digital branding helps businesses acquire and grow new customers.

The second feature is Job Vacancy, an effective and useful tool for job seekers and employers. Candidates can use this feature to share their resumes with the companies listed in the app, and companies looking for employees can post job requirements.

Businessbook allows users to rent, buy, and sell real estate. The fourth feature allows you to buy and sell used products such as furniture, cell phones, vehicles, appliances and refrigerators.

Users can also add posts such as text and photos to the app’s timeline.

The sixth feature of the app is Khatavahi, a tool that allows users to record and track their daily financial transactions.

The seventh feature allows users to make money by introducing companies to enroll in the app. The app pays 50 rupees for each referral.

“Business books have features that are available to everyone, but they are useful for anyone looking for information about nearby businesses. Users can easily get details of different types of businesses using the app. In addition, you can get Rs .50 for each referral. There is no limit to the number of referrals, “said Jignesh, who plans to add business directories across India.

You can download the business book using the following link: This story is provided by PNN. ANI is not responsible for the content of this article. (ANI / PNN)

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