Pike County, Illinois, experiencing business boom

Pike County, Illinois, experiencing business boom


PITTSFIELD, Ill. (WGEM) — At a time when many stores are struggling to keep their doors open, community members in Pittsfield say new businesses just keep opening.

Pike County Chamber of Commerce executive director David Camphouse said 12 new establishments have been approved and four others are pending.

Robert Brewer owns Nucci’s Pasta House in Pittsfield and said it’s been a challenge to operate during a pandemic.

“We were probably down about 40 percent in our annual sales,” he said. “The reason we were able to survive during the pandemic when dine in was out, when we couldn’t have dine in, we did to-go’s.”

Despite the setback costing them about $300,000, he said he’s preparing to open a new venture: Brewed Coffee House and Eatery.

“Girls can meet, guys can meet but we also wanted to make sure that it’s affordable to all,” Brewer said.

Local leaders said new businesses do much more for communities than just give local residents a place to spend money.

Pittsfield mayor Gary Mendenhall said when a new business comes to town, it draws in tax revenue for the city.

“Part of our budget consists of the taxes that we get from the sale of goods in the city limits,” he said. “We use that tax money to sure up infrastructure, roads, sewer, gas and water lines.”

Brewer said he’s seeing more business come to Pike County that last.

“This a very tough business to be in to start but Pittsfield seems to do it well because of the longevity of all the businesses on the square,” he said.

Brewer said he plans to hold a grand opening on June 14th for the Brewed Coffee House and Eatery, located at 109 North Madison Street.

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