NB365: Chad Prekaski of Perth and Tober’s School Street Music

NB365: Chad Prekaski of Perth and Tober’s School Street Music


This is part of the year’Love for the locals “ Series called NB365: Portrait of New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Huddle is a media partner for Love for Local. Today, we talked to Chadprekaski of Perth Andover’s School Street Music.

In 2015, my position with my employer was discontinued and I started the process of looking for employment. During this time, my sister visited and advised Perth Andover to set up a music studio and teach guitar lessons.

It’s been a while since I taught a lesson at a music studio, but it was actually when I started in 1993. I didn’t expect it to work because I was reluctant at first, but she was convinced that it was worth the effort.

I quickly realized that no one else offered guitar lessons locally. After that, teaching students in a studio environment accelerated their progress and made the experience much more enjoyable. I myself felt a lot of joy and satisfaction when I saw the students learning to enjoy music. I also felt that young people between the ages of 5 and 20 have more potential to learn and develop their abilities than ever before.

I am very grateful that my sister turned me in this direction. In the first year, our student enrollment went from 3 to 20 per week. At this point, I couldn’t keep up with all the communication needed to book and schedule so many students. This is where my wonderful wife Candes has become an irreplaceable part of the business, and without her, the studio’s success would not have been achieved.

Almost everything shut down completely last year, but we started online lessons. The business was going well, but we were determined and soon began to see the online business recover, quickly teaching students across Canada from PEI to British Columbia with online lessons. We’ve remodeled the studio to welcome students slowly and now we’re playing together as before.

Supporting local businesses has a huge impact on the community. Local businesses are sustainable, accountable to their customers, and significantly improve the lives of their communities.

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