Multi-Million Dollar Expansion underway at Southern Illinois Airport

Multi-Million Dollar Expansion underway at Southern Illinois Airport


MURPHYSBORO, IL. (KFVS) -A Multi-Million dollar expansion is underway at Southern Illinois Airport in Jackson County.

“We’re in the process of building about 25 million dollars worth of new improvements out here. 6 new buildings, 2 building expansions and all of that is designed to support increased employment in Southern Illinois,” said Gary Shafer, Southern Illinois Airport Manager.

Shafer tells me this is the second largest expansion project for airport in the last decade.

“Over the last 10 years, there’s been about 110 million dollars spent at the airport. We’ve had 2 substantial growth periods. The first one was about 9 years ago and then we’ve had this period that we just gone through,” said Shafer.

Shafer says the money is privately funded or from grants.

The airport improvements will create 150 jobs within the next year.

Just a few of the new employers are Galaxy Aviation and Crucial Aviation.

Some of the Jobs available will include: ” a combination of aircraft mechanics, office staff, restaurant employees, additional employees for the medical marijuana cultivator on the field whose expanding. An awning company, fabric awning company that we have our here that’s expanding,” said Shafer.

DuQuoin based, St. Nicholas Brewing Company is also setting up shop at the Airport.

“We’re going to offer a brewery and a view of a brewery in our restaurant so a brew pub,” said Abby Ancell, GM and Co-Owner.

Ancell says she’s thrilled to expand their brewing company.

“It’s been talked about and we’ve had it in the works for a couple years now but I am super proud and excited to just be a part of this project,” said Ancell.

Ancell also tells me the Brew Pub will also offer a patio for families and individuals to sit outside to watch planes fly by as they enjoy a meal or beer.

Ancell says the growth is community driven.

“I think that, that’s a common theme at the airport and all the businesses that are here and what they’re trying to do is just to try and really build out community and build tourism, and we’re going to be a really great destination place so just keep an eye out,” said Ancell.

Shafer says the SIU students at the Airport are prime candidates for the jobs.

As Shafer’s career is winding down.

“It’s a nice way for me too to sort of sail off and knowing that good things are happening and continue to happen for this airport,” said Shafer.

According to Shafer the construction at the Airport is expected to be completed by the end of October and new businesses will move in shortly after.

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