McDonald’s beefs up commitment to minority-owned suppliers | Business

McDonald’s beefs up commitment to minority-owned suppliers | Business


Companies that have signed on to the pledge to be accountable to progress in “accelerating cultures of inclusion” and “dismantling barriers to economic opportunity” include Accenture, Cargill, New Horizons Baking Co. and Tyson Foods.

“We are committed to furthering equality within our business with every team member — every shift, every day — and in the communities where we live and work,” John Tyson, chief sustainability officer at Tyson Foods, said in a statement.

The pledge outlines a number of areas for suppliers to focus on, from increasing overall diversity in leadership and staffing to investing in programs to make a “measurable difference” in the talent pipeline in communities where McDonald’s operates.

McDonald’s, one of the largest restaurant chains in the world with 39,000 locations, has 14,000 restaurants in the U.S., of which 93% are franchised.

Last year, in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police and the civil unrest that followed, McDonald’s was among several prominent Chicago companies voicing support for enhanced diversity and inclusion programs.

Since then, McDonald’s said it has advanced a number of initiatives, including hiring Reginald Miller in November as its global diversity, equity and inclusion officer. Beefing up diversity in the supply chain may be crucial to following through on the broader commitment to diversity, Miller said.

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