Local lawmakers react to passage of Illinois’ $43 billion budget | Politics

Local lawmakers react to passage of Illinois’ $43 billion budget | Politics


“Despite having an additional $16 billion in unexpected financial resources this year, the (Democrat) majority forged ahead passing a budget that falls on the backs of businesses,” Anderson said.

“Under this plan, the majority is set to eliminate almost $700 million in job-creation incentives while loading the budget with new programs, including over $1 billion in pork projects. This proposal is another example of backdoor spending at its finest, where hard working people will bear the brunt of this legislation.”

McCombie said Democrats should have sought input from Republicans for the $2.5 billion from American Rescue Plan funds earmarked for new programs and pet projects.

“The problem is, where are the priorities for the state of Illinois? Is it our small businesses and our working class?” McCombie said. “Or is it funding new programs and waiting to see how you can use the remaining dollars because we have four years to spend that. You could have taken a one-time payment of $5 billion and put it into the unemployment trust fund. That is a true, COVID-related expense.

“But instead, we took $100 million from the general fund and paid the interest on that debt.”

Halpin said Republicans were consulted during the budget process. 

“Year after year, we try to negotiate with Republicans on a reasonable budget,” Halpin said. “We wanted to close corporate tax loopholes that the Trump administration imposed, but it’s a non-starter with (Republicans) for some reason. Those closed loopholes are to make sure we don’t have cuts on education or infrastructure.”

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