Local businesses reflect on first day of new Illinois indoor mask mandate

Local businesses reflect on first day of new Illinois indoor mask mandate


QUINCY (WGEM) — With masks now required indoors again in Illinois, local businesses are having to make the necessary adjustments.

Quincy Town Center property manager Mike Jenkins said his staff spent their Monday morning put up signs outside all entrances reminding people of the mandate.

He said so far, there hasn’t been any backlash against the decision.

“Everybody has an opinion one way for the other and it seems like it’s split right down the middle but ultimately I think people want to do what is safest for everybody involved,” Jenkins said.

He said in addition to keeping hand sanitizer dispensers across the facility, they’re also making extra efforts to keep the facility as contactless as possible.

“We’ve added touchless water faucets to the bathrooms for example, we’re in the process of getting a bottle filler for the drinking fountains,” Jenkins said.

Those at Kirlin’s Gifts said they’re also taking measures to stay safe including cleaning carts, frequently touched surfaces and pens more often, as well as making sure customers socially distance when they’re in the store.

“We’re just trying to keep everyone safe, especially our customers because we don’t want to get anyone sick,” manager Jenna Nelson said.

She said so far customers have been good about remembering their masks.

“We haven’t had to ask too many people to put them on and most of the people we have asked are pretty understanding of it all just because we’ve been dealing with this for a while now,” she said.

Jenkins said he thinks it’s only a matter of time before masking regulations return to what they were.

“So we’ll just keep watching the CDC, the government and the state of Illinois for further, more restrictive regulations which we don’t anticipate or on the other end, relaxing back towards what we’ve been used to for the last several weeks,” he said.

Jenkins said some businesses here might have stricter rules regarding masking and COVID, something people might want to keep in mind if they’re planning to visit the Town Center anytime soon.

There are more mandates coming over the next week. Starting Sunday, vaccines will be required for certain industries, including all healthcare workers as well as Pre-K through 12 teachers and staff and higher education personnel and students.

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