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Lawn care is a very important part of taking pride in your home your business and your community.  People that do not care about these things are typically the ones that have ugly looking yards 🙁 There are a great deal of tasks that can be lumped together in the broad area of lawn care services.  Of course the item that most people associate this with is lawn mowing.  There are a percent of people that really enjoy mowing their yard.  While we think this is a small percent, they do exist.  A personal friend from high school found that yard word was very relaxing and he really looked forward to it.  LOL, but for the rest of us, mowing can be either just a necessary chore that needs to get done or complete drudgery that is akin to a dreaded item that would be avoided.  The main thing here though is that for a high quality results there are multiple parts to the task of mowing.  Of course the main part is the biggest part and that is done with a lawn mower.  The lawn mower can be gas powered, electric powered or even the old fashioned hand powered.  In addition choices are available for walk behind lawn mowers and mowers that can be ridden on or stood on.  The idea of this type of mower is to get the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time.  So for this powered mowers are the fastest.

Once the majority of the grass is cut, then the trimming must get done and that is traditionally done with another piece of power equipment, a string trimmer, also known as a weed wacker.  This is for trimming around trees, fences or other areas where the standard mowers are too big to fit.  Just think of this as doing the fine tuning.

If one is very concerned about keeping up with the Jone’s or wants to maintain a great business appearance then another part of this lawn care mowing process is edging.  This means that there are no unkept corners and all the sidewalks and driveways and parking areas have a nice professional looking border.  In our opinion having great edging is a real eye catcher and should be performed often.

Once all the mowing and trimming and edging is done, a final touch completes the job and that is making sure none of the “debris” is visible on any sidewalks or driveways, parking lots or other landscaped area that would look just plain ugly if the clippings were showing.  So as you can understand, this task is not just one chore but can actually be four chores.

Moving on, a very often overlooked area in taking great care of a yard or commercial property is weed and feed.  That is just a quick way to say that grass is alive and it needs food also.  There are different types of chemicals that act as fertilizers and basically help grass grow greener and stay healthier.  There is a real science behind knowing which chemicals to use and also when the correct time of the year to use them.  Of course the other part of this name is the “weed” part and once again there are specific chemicals to kill weeds and also specific chemicals to prevent weeds from growing in the first place.  Once again there is a great amount of knowledge that one must obtain in order to do this whole lawn care properly and there are LOTS more parts of this including aeration and overseeding, grub and insect control and a number of other very specific items.

For those that do not want to do these chores, of course their are professional service companies that do all thei work for you.  In Springfield IL we feel that the cream of the crop is Cutting Edge Yard Service.  This great locally owned company  has been providing top quality lawn care and lawn care services to Springfield Illinois residents for more than 15 years.  Their business began with merging two lawn care companies together and combined have over 35 years of experience in taking great care of their customers.  They do provide services to both commercial businesses and homeowners.

One of the items that sets them apart from most of their competitors is that they are very results oriented and take pride in what they are doing.  To them, no one or no business is just a “number” but instead is treated more like a family member that is always given the courtesy and respect that they deserve.

We have checked them out  online and see that they has the most 5 star reviews on google and it was really hard to find even 1 complaint online about them which in this day and age is almost impossible.  So if you or your business is looking for a very qualified and highly rated lawn care service in Springfield Illinois, then this would be a wise choice.

Here is some information about them.  They are the lawn care springfield il residents and businesses are looking for.

Cutting Edge Yard Service

1337 Wabash Ave

Springfield IL 62704

(217) 899-0091

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