Joe Szynkowski: Let’s celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week | Local Business

Joe Szynkowski: Let’s celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week | Local Business


If you’re seeking the personification of career happiness, look no further than the farmer’s market. There you’ll find dedicated professionals who work hard and wake up early to bring their wares to the world.

This week marks national farmer’s market week in the United States. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, farmer’s markets date back to 1730 in Lancaster, Pa.

Curb markets really started taking off in the 1800s when the buying and selling of fresh, local produce, meats, and baked goods was essential to daily life (Yes, young readers, there was a time when people couldn’t beckon Alexa to deliver groceries to the house).

And lucky for us, there are well-organized markets across Southern Illinois to show your appreciation to our local farmers.

Last week, my wife and I stopped by multiple booths at the Marion farmer’s market and couldn’t help but be inspired by how hard these people are working to make a great living.

Speaking of my wife, Brittany, she has been regularly setting up with her food truck, Drizzle Mini Donuts, at the Marion market on Saturdays. It’s been a great experience, not only with expanding her business but in building long-term relationships with the market’s coordinator and the other great vendors.

We joke that I am on the backup Drizzle team, but she lets me help in the truck on Saturdays because of how much fun I have talking with other local small business owners making it happen.

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