Illinois State Bar Association To Install Anna Krolikowska As 145th President


CHICAGO, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Three years after a landslide victory in a hotly contested, three-way statewide election, Anna Krolikowska, J.D. will be installed as the fifth female President of The Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) on June 17, 2021. Krolikowska won the election in a decisive victory including her winning every county in Illinois – 102 in all. Founded in 1877, the ISBA, has more than 29,000 members. Illinois Supreme Court Justice, Anne Burke, will swear-in Krolikowska during a ceremony at the Illinois Supreme Court Building in Springfield, Illinois.

During her tenure as ISBA President Krolikowska will focus on three core initiatives. First, she will focus on issues of diversity and inclusion for attorneys in Illinois. Second, she will focus on initiatives encouraging professional life/work wellness for all attorneys in Illinois. Third, she will focus on creation of an ISBA Business Institute, with a mission of fostering resources for attorneys to draw upon in support of their practices. Krolikowska is driving awareness that law practices are businesses and there are many opportunities to help attorneys further develop their back-office skills and resources for even greater success.

Professionally, Krolikowska has distinguished herself as family law attorney in private practice based in Northbrook, Illinois. Aside from litigating divorce cases, she is a highly experienced mediator and collaborative divorce process attorney. Krolikowska has served on the ISBA Board of Governors since 2014 and the General Assembly since 2009. She was actively involved in the passage of the Uniform Collaborative Act which ensured collaborative process was codifed into Illinois law.

“I’m delighted I’ve earned the confidence of so many people and am looking forward to bringing my skills and energy to the ISBA, an organization that means so much to me and to each and every member.” said Anna following the announcement of her victory. “Anna will bring a new vision and focus to the ISBA during her leadership. She’s aware of the many issues facing lawyers from all disciplines in Illinois and she’ll be a tireless advocate for each and every one of them.” said supporter, Emily Masalski, a Chicago-based environmental law attorney.

View the ISBA Election results page here.

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