Illinois on track to fully reopen June 11

Illinois on track to fully reopen June 11


With hospitalizations and new COVID-19 cases on a steady decline, Illinois is on track to enter Phase 5 by June 11th.

“I’m ready, it’s about time. I work for a public library and they wanna come and see us,” said Oak Park resident Nancy Marvin.


Albert Mancini owns Tre Sorelle Ristorante along Lake Street in Oak Park. He says residents supported them immensely throughout the pandemic, with many patrons leaving behind big tips.

“Business is doing really well. They’re all happy to see we’re open. A lot of businesses didn’t make it,” said Mancini.

As restrictions loosen and as massive public events are back on the horizon, some Illinois residents say they will still keep their masks handy.

“I’ve had COVID twice, so as a person that’s had COVID twice, I’m protecting me and everyone that’s around me,” Lynn Bridgettea said.

With half of adults in the US and in Illinois now fully vaccinated, the state continues to offer incentives for more folks to get their shot.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Governor JB Pritzker said he is looking into a potential vaccine lottery. The governor also signed a bill where businesses serving alcohol can offer a free drink to those that have received their COVID vaccine.

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