Hundreds of IL concealed carry training certificates deemed invalid; teacher faces charges | Top Stories

Hundreds of IL concealed carry training certificates deemed invalid; teacher faces charges | Top Stories


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Hundreds of Illinois concealed carry license (CCL) students had their training certifications deemed invalid after state police said a teacher’s courses failed to meet requirement standards. 

Shipman woman Terry Lumma, 60, faces charges in Macoupin County for providing false conceal carry weapon (CCW) certification (Class A misdemeanor) and forgery (Class 3 felony). These charges came after an investigation into Lumma’s teaching practices began in late 2020. 

In December, state police said the ISP Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) received a complaint about Lumma not teaching classes according to the CCL Act. They said evidence was found to support those allegations after a five-month investigation. 

Troopers said CCL courses hosted by Lumma did not satisfy mandatory requirements for concealed carry firearm training. Training certificates issued to over 200 students by Lumma and submitted to ISP in CCL applications were ruled to be invalid. 

Students were sent letters telling them about their status. Officials are giving them a 60 day grace period from receipt of the letter to complete requirements for a new, valid CCL. The ISP will deem the CCL holder as valid in that 60-day window if the CCL is otherwise in good standing, a press release said. 

“The Illinois State Police takes these types of allegations seriously and will investigate those who attempt to defraud the system and bring them to justice,” stated ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “The men and women of the Illinois State Police, Firearms Services Bureau, continuously strive to protect and maintain the integrity of the FOID and CCL.”

Troopers noted qualified instructors must teach all applicants who are not eligible for prior training credit a minimum of 16 hours of instruction approved by ISP before they are issued an Illinois Concealed Carry License Training Certification. 

Lumma was mailed a notice to appear and is scheduled to be at the Macoupin County courthouse at 8:45 a.m. on June 23, 2021. 

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