Hong Kong remains a fascinating place for businesses: CLP Holdings CEO

Hong Kong remains a fascinating place for businesses: CLP Holdings CEO


Richard Lancaster, CEO of Hong Kong-based utility CLP Holdings, said Hong Kong’s strength lies in interacting with other parts of the world and being part of China.

Hong Kong, July 24 (Xinhua)-“If anyone asks if they want to set up an office in Asia, they’ll say Hong Kong,” said Richard, CEO of CLP Holdings, a Hong Kong-based utility. Lancaster said. , Said.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, an Australian power industry veteran tells his story of pursuing a dream in the commercial center of Asia, making Hong Kong attractive to businesses and investors around the world for decades. I explained in detail why it continues to be.

He said that the heart of Hong Kong’s appeal is a mix of East and West. “It’s very attractive to be in the middle of Asia. It’s really Hong Kong’s strength, its ability to interact with other parts of the world, and part of China.”

“It’s a very dynamic and exciting place,” Lancaster said.

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The strong rule of law allows businesses to receive all protection and operate with confidence in Hong Kong. Its sophisticated financial and legal services also make it easy for businesses to do business with businesses in other parts of the world.

“Everything you need to succeed in your business is here in Hong Kong,” he said.

Early in his career, Lancaster worked in the Australian power industry and joined the CLP in 1992. Nearly 30 years later, Lancaster said finding a career in Hong Kong was one of the best decisions in his life. “I jumped on this occasion in 1992. Frankly, I fell in love with Hong Kong. Since then, Hong Kong has been my home.”

Despite Hong Kong’s uncertainty and instability over the past few years, Lancaster remains a solid believer in the global financial hub.

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“Looking back over the years, Hong Kong is getting stronger and stronger. There were some ups and downs. There were periods of financial crisis, pandemic and social unrest, but Hong Kong became stronger. Every time, “he said.

“Now we are in a stable period. I think we are in a good position to move from power to greater prosperity here.”

Lancaster, as Hong Kong’s largest power supplier, is more environmentally friendly than CLP’s global financial hub, as Hong Kong is accelerating low-carbon drives with ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that it will play an important role in building a sustainable future.

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“Over the last two decades, we have invested in plant technology and moved to cleaner fuels. Today, the combination of fuels with nuclear power, some renewables, natural gas and coal is much more diverse.” He said.

Lancaster has pledged to decarbonize Hong Kong’s electricity industry over the next 30 years. “That way, electricity is carbon-free and can be used in other sectors, such as the transportation sector.”

Hong Kong aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The share of coal-fired power generation decreased from about 59% in 2014 to about 44% in 2019 and about 24% in 2020.

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