HDFC Bank promises to be carbon neutral by 2031-2032

HDFC Bank promises to be carbon neutral by 2031-2032


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]June 3rd (ANI / Business Wire India): HDFC Bank today announced plans to become carbon neutral between 2031 and 2032. As part of this initiative, the World Bank is looking to reduce emissions, energy and water consumption.

The World Bank will continue to expand its scale by incorporating the use of renewable energy into its business.

As part of its ESG strategy, the World Bank will also focus on lending to environmentally friendly products such as electric vehicles at low interest rates and incorporating ESG scores into its lending decisions. The World Bank is also working on a framework for issuing green bonds.

Just before World Environment Day on June 5, the announcement is part of the bank’s overall commitment to incorporating ESG principles into its business. The bank has three strategies to achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral. Reduction of consumption, shift to renewable energy, offset of carbon dioxide emissions.

As part of this strategy, we are specifically planning the following initiatives: Reduce absolute emissions and energy consumption from current levels of 315,583 MT CO2 emissions.

Increase the capacity of rooftop solar in large offices.

Converts 50% of the total power supplied to renewable energy.

Create a corporate office without disposable plastics.

Plant 25 La fork trees.

Reduces water consumption by 30%.

“A shared future means that individuals, businesses and countries all need to work together to mitigate the effects of climate change,” said HDFC Bank’s CSR, Business Finance and Strategy, Administration and Infrastructure. Said Asima Bart, Group Head of the group. “Through this effort, we are supporting the country’s commitment in this direction. We have an extensive strategy in place and will fine-tune it and introduce new measures as needed. Responsible. As a corporate citizen, HDFC Bank is committed to supporting India. It helps mitigate the effects of climate change and fulfill its international commitments under the Paris Agreement. ”This story is about BusinessWire. Provided by India. ANI is not responsible for the content of this article. (ANI / Business Wire India)

HDFC Bank promises to be carbon neutral by 2031-2032

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