Growing list of businesses requiring vaccination proof for entry in St. Louis

Growing list of businesses requiring vaccination proof for entry in St. Louis


ST. LOUIS – Despite concerns over the Delta variant, many vaccinated people feel more comfortable venturing outside of the house these days.

While dozens of states are in limbo and introducing laws to prevent proof of vaccination as a means of providing service, Missouri is not one of them.

Proof of vaccination will need to be with you when you visit a growing list of venues across the metro area.

Some states including Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, and Texas have introduced legislation stopping businesses from closing the doors on customers who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccination. Some cities however like New York City and San Francisco are pumping up the pressure to get the shots by implementing rules that customers of indoor restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues must show either proof of partial or full vaccination.

In the St. Louis area, this decision has been left to individual entities. so here’s what we know so far.

The Post-Dispatch has created this running list:

Venues requiring proof of vaccine for entry

  • The BAO Restaurant                      
  • Off Broadway
  • The Crack Fox
  • The Gramophone
  • Heavy Anchor
  • Just John Nightclub
  • Rehab Bar & Grill
  • Red Flag
  • O’Connell’s Pub

Venues requiring proof of vaccine for indoor seating

  • 2nd Shift Brewing
  • Nixta
  • Venice Café
  • The Royale
  • Tick Tock Taven
  • Olio

Venues requiring proof of vaccine or proof of negative test results

  • The Factory (negative test within 48 hours)
  • The Pageant and Delmar Hall (negative test within 72 hours)

Venues set to make requirements in the near future

  • Blue Strawberry Showroom & Lounge (Required for entry starting Sept. 1)
  • Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (Required for entry beginning Oct. 4)

Another issue across the nation is how to prove you have been vaccinated. Only a few states have online records and barcodes to make showing proof much easier. At last check, Missouri does not have an official database like this, but Illinois does. They just rolled out Vax Verify

Your paper CDC card from when you got your shots is one of the only forms of proof. Health officials said you might want to take a photo of that card and keep it in your phone for proof.

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