Good Morning, Illini Nation: The Virginia Tech/Illinois overlap | Sports

Good Morning, Illini Nation: The Virginia Tech/Illinois overlap | Sports


Welcome to “Good Morning, Illini Nation,” your daily dose of college basketball news from Illini beat writer and AP Top 25 voter Scott Richey. He’ll offer up insights every morning on Brad Underwood’s team:

Chester Frazier has been busy since being hired as one of Illinois’ new assistant coaches. There was a downturn in recruiting — i.e. number of new players offered — while the rumored move of Orlando Antigua and Chin Coleman to Kentucky drug on for a few weeks.

Since? Frazier has added multiple players to the Illini’s recruiting board and done so in a fairly expected way. Players he recruited while at Virginia Tech that fit what Brad Underwood wants? Those relationships are going to continue and created new opportunities for 2022 guards like Jayden Epps, Cam Whitmore and Jermahri Hill and 2022 bigs Malique Ewin, Will Shaver and Cameron Cohren in addition to a few others.

“You have your top priority guys, and they’re good enough to play anywhere,” Frazier said. “When I left (Virginia Tech), I got a lot of texts and calls from parents. They’re excited. They know I played (at Illinois) and know this is a big time program really on the upswing. Now it’s about getting the pieces that fit for what we need. What we may have needed at Virginia Tech may not be necessarily a need here. … A lot of the same kids I was recruiting at Virginia Tech will be on the hook here at Illinois as well.”

And it might be easier to sell the Illini than it was the Hokies (and Kansas State)? Frazier thinks so.

“A little more sexy than the two schools I was at,” Frazier said. “I think the recruiting profile I can pick up a lot easier than Virginia Tech or Kansas State.”

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