Golf scramble to benefit local businesses, gift card giveaway

Golf scramble to benefit local businesses, gift card giveaway


CARTERVILLE, ILLINOIS (WSIL) — A local business is doing its part to help other businesses impacted by the pandemic. 

House 2 Home Realty is holding “A round for the town” charity golf scramble taking place Friday, June 11 at Crab Orchard Golf Club. 

Celia Roberton, owner of H2H, says while spots are full for the scramble that money raised will go toward buying gift cards from local businesses in Carterville. Those include restaurants, boutiques, salons and more.

“As we all witnesses, there were a lot of small businesses that were hurt during COVID,” she explains. “Their doors were shut down and some have not reopened, so we’re just trying to help them get their feet back on the ground.”

Then, community members can come back to the club on June 25th for a gift card giveaway with local food trucks. 

“All you have to do is show up,” Roberton says. “Buy a coffee, hot dog something from the food vendors that we have here. Then you’ll automatically receive a ($50) gift card.

The golf scramble is part of a large initiative to give back $100,000 to the community. 

“We are not franchise, so we like to keep our funds local,” she adds. “We decided back in 2017 with the “We care, we share” program that we wanted to give back to the community.”

Since then, $80,000 have been given to local groups such as the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Illinois, food pantries, veteran organizations, animal shelters and more.

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