Gift Me promotes digital donations

Gift Me promotes digital donations


As the world embraced the digital revolution, local entrepreneur Rusio Billings saw the opportunity to establish a new business that was fully digital and automated. He told a Jamaican observer that his business ideas came up while walking around the mall on a normal day.

“I was walking around the mall in the US and there was one of the stands in the middle of the mall. It wasn’t even a store. I noticed that there was a physical gift card on the stand and I could literally buy it. Physical If you give a typical gift card to anyone, you can go back and exchange it for a phone case, screen protector, etc., “Billings said.

At that time, his entrepreneurial spirit grew. “I realized I didn’t even have a gift card for a merchant who returned to Jamaica. It was very difficult to write on paper, which was physical here in a foreign country, but digitized as a computer scientist and businessman. I thought I could, so I decided to quickly create a minimal, viable product that would take about two weeks to deploy, “he continued.

The idea for the product was the centerpiece of a local company called Gift Me, co-founder and CEO of Billings.

He describes this business as a market with multiple distribution channels. He said it’s a digital platform that makes it easy for local businesses (merchant) to distribute gift cards anywhere in the world. Billings said he has created an entire infrastructure that merchants can use to redeem and track everything. Gift cards are sent in the form of emails or text messages.

“We offer two distribution channels, one directly to consumers and the other through corporate channels, which allows local businesses to give gifts to customers or employees from all merchants. You can pay and distribute your card, “says Billings.

It didn’t take long for the entrepreneur to realize that his product had the power to become a big company in Jamaica. “Within the first week, about 15 merchants came to the platform and I realized they were ready to sign our contract and start selling on the platform as well. Just post. Orders started to come in immediately Instagram.. We soon started making money. At that time, we realized that it was fit for the product market and decided that this could be a real business, “said GiftMe CEO.

Billing began just about two months ago, and he said there has been significant growth since then.

“Currently, the platform has a total of about 60 merchants, and because so far we have received more than 600 orders from locals, most of which (about 70%) are from the Diaspora, so in Jamaica. It brings foreign revenues to businesses. Website traffic reaches about 10,000 unique visitors a month, “he said.

But that’s not all. Entrepreneurs continue to innovate. “We are rolling out a number of new features for merchants. We will improve the experience by allowing consumers to attach videos when sending gift cards. Next month, consumption We plan to release a mobile app for consumers, so instead of visiting the website, consumers can buy digital gift cards from within the app and share them with their friends, “says Billings.

He also said there are plans for future expansion. “We plan to expand outside Jamaica early next year, so we plan to do a lot of business with foreign companies. We’re going further to the Caribbean, but I don’t want to say anything specifically yet.”

Meanwhile, he says the company is focusing on hiring marketers and graphic designers as the business grows. Billings is committed to integrating and supporting the integration of other companies and emphasized accepting collaboration and partnerships in line with these policies.

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