Galesburg businesses grapple with new policies

Galesburg businesses grapple with new policies


Hillary Anderson poses for a photo inside her shop, Dovetail Rivet & Stitch, located at 61 S. Seminary St., on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

GALESBURG — When the Illinois Department of Public Health on May 18 declared new guidance, which removed mask mandates for vaccinated people, local businesses were presented a new challenge.

And the way they have responded has not been uniform. While some majors retailers like WalMart have dropped the mask mandates, small businesses have had to chart their own course.

Seminary Street retailer Dovetail, Rivet and Stitch owner Hilary Anderson says that masks are staying on for the time being. One of her employees has not worked for over a year because of chronic respiratory problems.

“For her sake, it’s best for us to be consistent across the board,” she said. 

Anderson is not sure how long they will do this. She says the move is both out of consideration of her employee and her customers.

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