FasterCapital Launches Startup Program to Support Female Entrepreneurs

FasterCapital Launches Startup Program to Support Female Entrepreneurs


FasterCapital, an online incubator and accelerator based in Dubai, has launched a cohort for female entrepreneurs.

According to recent statistics, as of 2021, 36% of SMEs are owned by women, and this number is gradually increasing year by year.

Despite the challenges they face, nearly 90% of women-owned businesses around the world are up and running and making a profit.

The situation in the Middle East regarding women’s entrepreneurship differs from other countries in the world where only 10% of businesses are owned by women.

In this cohort, FasterCapital assists female founders in various aspects of their business-building or business-growth journey.

Launched in June 2021, the cohort is an annual initiative for female founders.Please check Program website..

Technical support for female founders

Through the Tech Cofounder program, FasterCapital provides all the technical support you need to start your business or build your product.

Technology is an integral part of today’s business, with strong products creating strong brands.

Many women start their businesses primarily in the areas of education, food, fashion and retail, and it is important to find a strong technical team that complements these products and translates them into today’s languages.

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Financing for female entrepreneurs

Securing the necessary capital is a very important step in starting or growing a business, and women-led businesses are no exception.

However, statistics show that female founders find it much more difficult to secure the funding they need than male founders.

For this cohort of innovative female entrepreneurs, FasterCapital aligns its business with a network of angel investors, venture capital and other sources of funding.

Many women in MENA and elsewhere already have innovative and great ideas, but most of them will give up on these potential breakthrough businesses.

This is mainly due to lack of necessary capital and lack of adequate networks and resources.

FasterCapital supports businesses in all different stages of business and in different industries.

Growth and entry into new markets for savvy female founders

For women who have already started and established their business, participating in this cohort will help them grow their business further and explore new markets and possibilities.

Sales, marketing, scaling, partnerships, and many other growth strategies are being discussed and adopted to take your business to the next level.

This is useful for female entrepreneurs who are trying to grow and enter the MENA market, and for women in the MENA market who are trying to enter the new global market.

Faster Capital logo
FasterCapital logo

The future of female entrepreneurship

Although the future of women in business is bright and many advances are being made worldwide.

But in the process of closing the gender gap in the entrepreneurial realm, we need to admit that there is much that has not yet been done for women in different parts of the world.

Female entrepreneurs currently have many tools, but in markets such as MENA and Africa, women entrepreneurs need to get these tools to build their business.

Help and encourage women to break out of their own traditional obligations and enter this foreign territory.

This needs to be integrated with the creation of a comprehensive and supportive environment that we can resent to ensure a truly bright future.

Female entrepreneurship in the MENA market

Entering this large-scale male-dominated ecosystem is very difficult, but not impossible, for women in the MENA market.

This is where women such as BizWorld CEO Helen Al Uzaizi, Munzworld founder and CEO Mona Ataya, Searchie CEO and co-founder Sahiqa Bennett, and Prestidge Group PR founder and CEO Briar Prestidge work. That’s why I was able to do it. I’ll give them an example.

It is also worth noting that many women from the Middle East are looking at and nailing international business.

Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital commented: “Starting this cohort of female entrepreneurs will enable innovative and dedicated women to take the necessary steps to launch and grow their empires.”

Female Entrepreneurship and COVID

The rise of COVID-19 has created many additional challenges for women in business.

Most retailers during shutdown – this is primarily a niche market Many female entrepreneurs – Witnessed a major setback.

Focusing on technology and online business has done even more damage to many female entrepreneurs. That’s why we believe that the goal is to enable women to use technology and start technology-enabled businesses.

Strengths of female leaders in business

Women have their own psychic powers that help them and become successful business leaders.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra are just a few examples. Successful female CEO In various industries.

A high emotional intelligence index is an asset that helps women manage and guide their teams well and mediate their business goals to the language and understanding of their crew.

Many female entrepreneurs are inwardly motivated. They have a vision they want to achieve. They are almost always less motivated by financial gain than their male counterparts.

This constant and strong motivation is a very powerful engine that actually thrives many women-led businesses.

Join the women cohort And now unleash your psychic powers!

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