End trade embargo against Cuba

End trade embargo against Cuba


Scott Reeder

As demonstrators in Havana marched through the streets this month waving U.S. flags, George Ryan sat in his Kankakee home, watched the reports on television and remembered another controversy regarding the Stars and Stripes and Cuba.

In 1999, George Ryan became the first U.S. governor to visit that communist nation.

“The Cubans wanted to play the national anthem and display the U.S. flag when we got off the plane. But it didn’t happen because our State Department contacted the Cubans and demanded that they not do it,” he said during a telephone interview this week.

The U.S. government has had an embargo against Cuba for about 60 years. It was established in response to the Cuban government seizing property owned by U.S. businesses. And for most of the last six decades, the U.S. has not had formal diplomatic relations with Cuba.

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