Do these 5 things for a winning digital marketing strategy

Do these 5 things for a winning digital marketing strategy


The growth of the e-commerce business can be summarized in two terms: digital marketing. Companies place ads in prominent locations such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and other platforms. Brands with effective social media campaigns are making a lot of money. To see the surge in revenue from digital advertising, you need more than just a good product. Many start-ups are losing money by creating dull ads or failing to analyze metrics to reach their target audience.


If you’re having a hard time launching or creating an effective campaign, here are five tips for increasing your bottom line through digital marketing.

Use related content

The days when companies needed a lot of marketing money to create advertising campaigns are gone. Today’s social ads don’t look like movie-like TV commercials, they look like organic content that anyone can create using the iPhone and basic editing software. Large and small businesses use customer and influencer testimonial videos, shoot videos from their mobile phones, add subtitles and music, and upload content as ads. When done correctly, this approach leads to customer acquisition.

Test different creative assets to find out what your viewers will react to. Social media algorithms like video, so it’s a good place to get started. Include subtitles as most users watch with mute.

Social media has changed the way consumers speak and react. User-driven trends will continue, so keep up with current trends and create consumer-responsive content. And the tendency to be viral on one platform (think of the rise of TikTok video with on-screen text) could be carried over to all social media channels.

Start small

The last thing you want to do is go all-in and spend a fair amount of money on non-performing ads. First, identify who your potential customers are by testing your audience through market research, research, and Facebook or Instagram ads. Optimize your advertising costs with ROAS (cost-effectiveness), not CPA (cost-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click). This is often the most meaningful indicator for your business. If your website is user-friendly, ads are compelling and visible in your demographics, sales go in.

Correct employment

Two scenarios can occur when a startup contacts a digital agency. They find that most charges are at least $ 5ka per month (not including advertising budget) and can’t move on. Or you may want to cut costs in other departments, hire an agency, and see little or no sales growth. There are good agencies that do extraordinary work and offer flexible pricing, but new businesses must be particularly diligent, especially when cash flow is tight.

If you want to outsource, find someone who understands your industry. Choosing a marketer who has marketing experience in pharmaceutical equipment but no experience in the industry does not provide significant insight into the behavior or trends of a particular audience.


Take the time to interview potential companies and individuals to find the one that works best for your industry, product or customer. Check current or past client references by phone or email to see performance within a specific budget and time frame.

As Covid changes the job market, many marketers are becoming independent and looking for new clients. If you prefer to work with a freelancer, search for experts on LinkedIn and Upwork to find the right candidate.

You can learn more about digital marketing by watching videos and taking online courses, but consider whether it’s more cost-effective to hire someone for the job. Skilled people or teams allow you to focus and grow in other areas of your business.



Outsourcing does not mean that the reins are completely handed over. You know your business and your vision for your brand better than anyone else. When you bring in new people or companies to help with marketing or advertising, be clear about the voice, mood, and aesthetics you want, but be open and experiment with new concepts and ideas. You can say “no” to suggestions that don’t fit your vision. Even if you hire someone for their expertise, you always have the final say on what goes and what doesn’t.

“The founders of the companies we work with are involved in the revision process needed to achieve the correct vision and visual aesthetics of the brand. As a result, between my team and the founders There is a lot of cooperation. Creative chemistry between us is an important factor, but I believe that exchanging ideas is the key to creating a concrete marketing strategy, “social media manager. Says Misty Lam.

Have an optimized website

Startups often skip websites to save money, but are unaware that they need to be fully optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Most consumers decide whether to stay or leave the site within the first three seconds. Your products and services need to be clarified with attractive images and copies and continue to attract them. There is a general understanding of how SEO works (Search engine watch It provides an easy-to-understand guide to understanding SEO), hiring a Google optimization specialist is essential.


“We checked the analysis and found that 60% of the traffic came from mobile, but 78% of the revenue came from the desktop, indicating that the website wasn’t fully mobile-optimized. We have created more summon buttons, divided our products into category-specific collections, made navigation easier and faster, and included customer reviews just below the products. Also, the website theme is a page. I also found that it was slowing down, so I’m changing it. “ Blog Lee Box Founder Julia Blogley.

If you are currently selling or preparing to launch a product or service, the most influential tool for expanding your online sales is to use digital marketing. Look at ads and content posted by competitors and companies in the industry to see what’s resonating with your audience and what’s not. When you review their content Read comments.. The most valuable insights come from consumers. If your ROI is positive when you start running your ad, gradually increase your ad spend on the most successful ads.

At first, testing your ad, finding the right agency or freelancer, and finding out what works is a trial and error process. Once you find the right formula for your company, double it and you’ll get a financial reward.


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