Cuomo’s resignation provides business leaders with seven crisis management lessons

Cuomo’s resignation provides business leaders with seven crisis management lessons


Governor of New York Andrew CuomoToday’s surprising announcement that he will resign from the office he held for the past decade tells business leaders how many of the crises they may have caused, worsened, or refused to take immediate action. I will provide the lesson.

As reported by Associated Press“In a television speech, a 63-year-old Democrat strongly denied intentionally showing contempt for women, but counterattacked what he called a” politically motivated “attack, the state. Said he would be exposed to months of turmoil. I can’t be the cause. “

“The best way I can help now is to leave and bring the government back to the government,” Cuomo said.

7 lessons

His resignation provides business leaders with the following crisis management lessons:

  • Don’t assume that you can hide or hide bad behavior forever.
  • If you are wrong, say so. Don’t blame others for the crisis you have caused.
  • The sooner you admit a mistake, the better.
  • Please explain clearly and concisely the reason for the decision.
  • Do not do or say anything that exacerbates or prolongs the crisis.
  • Do the best for your organization. Don’t let your ego or pride prevent you from doing the right thing.
  • There is no such thing anymore. Go as soon as you resign and let someone else do the migration work. You may have over-welcomed you in the first place because of the crisis. Do not exacerbate the error.
  • Co-founder and Marketing Director of Jacob Villa School authorities, I observed it. Cuomo’s resignation decision teaches business leaders to resign as needed to help organizations respond more effectively to the crisis. As an executive, it is your duty to remove yourself from the equation if it may prevent your organization from being as efficient as it should be.

“This is tied to the purpose of Governor Cuomo’s resignation. It is to prevent the state government from being involved in impeachment trials when it should focus on more important things. This action is of Japanese politicians. It’s common among people, but not so much here in the United States. It’s refreshing to see it unfold in front of us today, “Villa said.

Clear warning bell

Employment and Civil Rights Lawyers V. James DesimoneAccording to V. James DeSimone Law, Strong and ego men expect compliance. These men may believe that the woman who speaks can ensure that she not only loses her job, but also her career.

“Dropped out of Andrew Cuomo’s grace should ring a clear warning bell to those in power not to abuse it for sexual satisfaction or abuse of others, and both governments and businesses. Similarly, we should start walking and do our best to prevent and prevent sexual harassment of our employees and others, “he said.

Advice for business leaders

Deescalation of crisis situations

Carla Bevins He is an assistant professor of business communication at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper Business School. She states: “The industry doesn’t matter. In the event of a crisis, we need to admit it quickly and effectively. In this case, Cuomo said the best way he could help was to” set aside and government. To return to governance. ” This reaction shows business leaders who need to take into account how their reaction affects the company. The main goal of crisis management is to exacerbate the situation and continue to positively focus on the company’s core values ​​and mission.

Express empathy

“Rapid action through clear and transparent communication is more valuable than waiting to gather all the facts before making a statement. Business leaders may not have all the answers at first. It may be, but showing empathy for the affected people and a clear commitment to provide accurate information when it becomes available is essential to maintaining your trust, “she said. Said.

Best response to crisis

Bevins said: “You may not want to apologize for fear of looking weak when faced with a crisis, but that action is one of the best ways to respond. People are affected by these events. It is important to remember that a sympathetic and sincere apology followed by decisive and swift action can help improve the crisis.

“Mr. Cuomo publicly apologized to the woman who accused him of sexual harassment. For business leaders, if you apologize correctly and take appropriate action, people will respect you. Not just investors, but everything. I apologize to the interested parties, “she recommended.

Not the first

Cuomo is certainly not the first celebrity to resign due to scandals or other crises.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned in 2008 due to a call girl scandal, according to the Associated Press. The state’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, resigned in 2018 after accusing four women of abusing him.

2018, USA Today reported It says, “After the day he admitted that he used a racial slur, John Schnatter. Resigned from the company He made. Papa John’s International announced late Wednesday that Schnatter had resigned as chairman. The company plans to appoint a new chairman “in the coming weeks.” “

“The resignation ends the day that began with a story from Forbes who was said to have used N-word on the phone with a public relations company designed to help Schnatter avoid more public relations issues. “

8/11/21-The story has been updated with advice for business leaders.

Cuomo’s resignation provides business leaders with seven crisis management lessons

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