Chicago GM: “Worthful” Waiting for Dosunmu Draft | Sports

Chicago GM: “Worthful” Waiting for Dosunmu Draft | Sports


Chicago — The Chicago Bulls specifically requested an interview with Ayodsummu at the NBA Draft Combine last month in Chicago.

At that time, the Bulls had only one pick.

The ping-pong ball didn’t bounce off the lottery, and the first round of picks was passed on to Orlando Magic to complete the mid-season deal that sent Nikola Vucevic and Al-Farouq Amin to Chicago, Wendell Carter Jr. and Otto. Two draft topics to Porter Jr. and Orlando. Arturas Karnisovas, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations in Chicago, saw Dosunmu slipping into the second round at number 38 as a long shot.

But the Bulls still wanted to combine the interviews.

“This year was a tough year,” said Karnisovas. “In most cases, we clearly scouted all those kids in a video. It was great to see them up close during the combine. Ayo was one of the ones we asked for an interview. We did a lot of video work. We did a lot of background work.

“We liked him as a player, and then he was a great young man and had a great interview with us. Our group, in addition to how perfect he is a player, from the interview I liked him …. To tell the truth, I didn’t expect him to be there at the age of 38. It was a bit exciting to see him at the age of 38. I waited a long time, but It was worth it. “

Karnisovas repeatedly mentioned Dosunmu’s diversity in the post-draft Zoom with Chicago media.

Dosunmu averaged 20.1 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists during the junior season in Illinois, the first in the country since Ohio State University’s Evan Turner entered the National Player of the Year season in 2011. Achieved the average. As the Bulls evaluated him further, Dosunmu, who checked in at 6 feet 5 with a 6-101/4 wingspan, was not hurt.

In addition to Team USA’s experience at the 2018 FIBA ​​Americas U18 Championship, Dosunmu was able to add three seasons of experience in Illinois. There, he played against his new Chicago teammate, Coby White, and added to what the Bulls saw as a comprehensive package.

“He’s more veteran,” Karnisovas said. “He spent three seasons in college and, again, he played for the US team. He didn’t come out of nowhere. He was the Bob Cousy Award for Best Security Guard in the country. Was (winner). A huge number on average. He has done a lot in his college career. Now that’s the next step for him. “

Dosunmu’s next step was to physically go to the Chicago facility before the summer league practice began. The 10-day event will take place in Las Vegas from August 8th to 17th. Dosunmu will be one of three ex-Irini players, along with Malcolm Hill on the New Orleans Pelican roster and George Bezanishvili joining the Denver Nuggets.

“We have no expectations so far and we are not going to put those expectations on him,” Carnisovas said. “From the summer league to the training camp, we’ll cover one at a time. We’ll actually evaluate him before the summer league. He has a lot to do. He has great expectations for himself. I think it’s coming. “

These self-expectations for Dosunmu are also energized by falling into the second round. Landing with his home team made it a net positive, but Dosunmu had already talked about having him and a list of selected players before him shortly after his choice. ..

“He will come here with a tip on his shoulder,” Carnisobas said. “We didn’t expect him to be available at the age of 38. I’m sure he was hoping for something higher. He’s motivated to come here and work hard. Would, and that’s what we expect from him when he comes. “

Dosunmu joins the potentially fluid Chicago roster. The Bulls currently have only nine players on the core groups of Zach LaVine, Vucevic and Patrick Williams. Chicago is already linked to free agent Gard Lonzo Ball, and the off-season will officially begin on Monday.

Dosunmu told the Chicago media that he sees his playmaking, energy and abilities as a scorer to take to the next level.

“I continue to improve in all areas of the game,” he said. “Currently, all rookies are on an equal arena. It’s a completely different world we’re preparing to enter, but I’m excited that this will be my profession.

“(Chicago coach Billy Donovan) saw one of my games at a big tent tournament and said he was really very surprised that I fell there, but he said I got there He said he was excited to work. He said he thought I was a competitor. I think he was in good harmony with the team. I am the USA team with Coby White. When the draft was created, Zack sent me a text message, congratulations and get to work. I’m a competitor and have good talent skills, so let’s get started. I’m sure we can engage well. “

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