‘Carmi Cast’ podcast takes one Southern Illinois community worldwide | Local News

‘Carmi Cast’ podcast takes one Southern Illinois community worldwide | Local News


Skylar Anderton Carmi Cast

Skylar Anderton is one of the producers of “Carmi Cast” an internet-based talk show and podcast featuring people and events around the White County community.

Inside a high-tech studio in downtown Carmi, Skylar Anderton turned on a couple of cameras and took a seat behind the audio board.

Across from him, Denton Weiss took a spot behind a microphone as the pair did their best to make their guest comfortable.

Within minutes of talking about an upcoming community event, all nervousness was gone and the guest forgot everything he was saying was being recorded.

In fact, as he talked, he seemingly did not recall his words soon would be available worldwide as part of Carmi Cast, a locally produced and locally focused podcast produced by Anderton and Weiss.

“It’s kind of a showcase for local businesses and people that have cool hobbies or talents. It’s just a way to spread the word,” Anderton said of the podcast.

Anderton, who works part time at Gottzz’s, the restaurant Weiss owns, said the two had talked for some time about wanting to start a podcast.

“We had talked about doing a podcast for two or three years,” he said. “We wanted something that would focus on local businesses in White County and the region.”

He said once he moved back to Carmi from Nashville late last year, the pair decided to give it a try.

“It’s worked out pretty well so far,” he said.

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