Businesses, lawmakers want to reopen US borders

Businesses, lawmakers want to reopen US borders


Washington DC: US ​​businesses and lawmakers are putting pressure on the government to allow foreign travelers to re-enter the country.

However, government officials said there were no plans to lift the travel ban immediately.

A group of industry groups representing airlines, casinos, hotels, airports, plane makers, etc. have called on the White House to ease restrictions on travelers entering the United States by July 15.

As Reuters quoted, “We have the knowledge and tools we need to safely resume overseas travel, and using them is a thing of the past,” said Roger, CEO of US Travel.・ Dow says.

In addition to business, 75 members of the US House of Representatives are also calling for the removal of immigration restrictions for travelers from the United Kingdom.

In addition, parliamentarians are calling for the reopening of the Canadian border, claiming that the United States “will lose 1.1 million jobs and an additional $ 175 billion by the end of this year.”

Some lawmakers are also calling on the Biden administration to end the mandatory requirement to wear masks at airports, subway stations, planes and trains.

However, officials say the government is not considering ending the mask requirement.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, concerned about Delta Variant, needs airlines to perform contact tracing of international passengers if restrictions are relaxed to prevent the spread of Covid Delta Variant airlines. Said there is.

Currently, the United States meets every two weeks to discuss travel restrictions with officials from Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Businesses, lawmakers want to reopen US borders

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