Brands recognize Black Business Month

Brands recognize Black Business Month


August is National Black Business Month, a designated time to celebrate and support Black-owned businesses nationwide. Whether it is on social media or in-person, people use the month to exchange tips and information on their favorite Black-owned businesses. It is also a time many corporations highlight, invest in, and partner with Black-owned businesses to show their support and commitment to people of color.

The month was officially recognized as “National Black Business Month” in August 2004 by engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr and historian John William Templeton. The goal of the month was to “drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African-American businesses.” The month also offers a chance to reflect on the disadvantages experienced by many minority-owned businesses. Those disadvantages have gotten more attention in the wake of the impact COVID-19 has had on the Black community, as well as 2020’s year of racial unrest. The national conversation on diversity, equity and inclusion has led many consumer brands to focus more on investing in minority companies and agencies.

Below, a look at how some brands are using National Black Business Month to highlight these efforts.

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