Bike rental start-up business in Glen Carbon, Illinois

Bike rental start-up business in Glen Carbon, Illinois


GLEN CARBON, Ill. – As the pandemic spun out of control across the last year and a half, many businesses were forced to turn things on their side in order to survive.

But one Metro East couple started spinning an idea into their startup business that has filled a need.

“We thought it was needed in the area with all the trails and not everyone has bikes,” says Teri Moore, co-owner of Covered Bridge Bike Rental. “So, some people come in and visit their kids going to college and the parents want to ride. The SIUE kids that don’t have bikes in their dorms. People that want to try out a bike before they buy one. We have a lot of different people.”

Betting on bicycles as a rental business was the appropriate move for this couple renting bicycles by the hour or for a whole day for around $40.

“There are so many people riding bikes now especially with the situations,” says Chris Moore, co-owner of Covered Bridge Bike Rental. “Everybody is getting out and riding bikes and there’s not enough bikes for one and there’s bikes to rent.”

The abundance of bike trails in the Madison County Transit Trail System, coupled with the Great Rivers Greenway Trails, along with more people getting out to exercise during the pandemic seemed to lock in the Moore’s bike business.

The historic covered bridge just a stone’s throw away proves to be the most logical choice for their two, three, and electric bike rental business.

“I’ve always wanted to have this is the perfect location for a bike rental right by the bike trails,” says Chris Moore. “There are four or five different ways to enter the bike trail. I always thought about it when everybody was riding, and the pandemic was going on.”

“We’re just here so they can have fun,” adds Teri Moore. “We love it too even after the end of the day and we put away all our stuff too. We usually take a bike ride ourselves.”

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