Authorities say CrossFit Games will help businesses

Authorities say CrossFit Games will help businesses


Madison (WKOW)-CrossFit Games is back with a year off with COVID-19. Authorities now say these games could serve as Madison’s financial boost.

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After confirming that the learning restrictions were lifted and the CrossFit game could continue, Rob Gard, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Destination Madison, found this to be a positive plus for Madison’s economy.

“Our hotels and restaurants were severely damaged during the pandemic, so when we could take 50,000 to 55,000 people to Madison to fill those hotel rooms. [and] Recruiting those restaurants, [it’s a] It will greatly boost the economy. “

Guard believes that this economic boost will support businesses that have been adversely affected during the pandemic.

“Thanks to the CrossFit game, about $ 12 million of new money flows into Madison each year. Our community can use it and our business can use it. So we’re excited. This is really the first big event we’re involved in. At Madison. “

The CrossFit game will be held at the Alliant Energy Center until Sunday, August 1st.

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