A platform to start your small business e-commerce journey

A platform to start your small business e-commerce journey


The Ministry of Commerce deploys Cambodia Trade, an e-commerce marketplace, ready to open new channels for Kingdom SMEs to sell their products to more users and capture some of the growing global digital Is done. Economy.

A cabinet-level agency said in a press release that pre-registration is now possible and the platform will operate through CambodiaTrade.com with provincial support.

According to the ministry, CambodiaTrade was founded to help small businesses in the kingdom sell their products online to potential customers in domestic and international markets.

SMEs applying must, among other things, be officially registered with the ministry. Have a valid business permit, permit, value added tax (VAT) identification number. It is said that it sells products made in Cambodia.

“Once the registration is approved, SME can fill the inventory by posting products on the store page. These products will be announced in the market when they are officially launched,” the ministry said. Stated.

Chaung Thyda, managing director of Kampot-Kep salt company Thaung Trading Co Ltd, said Cambodia Trade is “excellent from a local SME perspective” and is a stepping stone for SMEs to be digital and truly global across borders. I praised him for achieving a good reach. Economy.

She said the local SMEs that discovered the platform would build the skills and support they needed to enter new markets. “These are opportunities to eliminate services and products in order to raise awareness of our business and brand and revitalize international relations,” she said.

Keo Mom, chairman of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association, said the ministry’s platform encourages local producers to move products online, in addition to many other government initiatives to promote domestic production. He said it was a positive step.

With the growing popularity of online shopping around the world, Cambodia Trade can provide an effective means for homemade Cambodian products to reach a wider customer base, she said.

“We hope that the online marketplace platform will help local SMEs sell their products more widely both domestically and internationally,” she said, “promoting Cambodia Trade to the general public, especially the private sector.” And make them aware. ” This is because it can increase the sales of homemade products. “

According to the ministry, the market was established with the financial support of an integrated framework strengthened under the Cambodian Electronic Commerce Development Project (Go4eCAM). Its main purpose is to promote the profits of e-commerce for SMEs.

As of the end of 2019, 52,154 SMEs were officially registered in the Kingdom with 824,245 employees, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology Innovation.

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