100 Global Companies Leverage Infosys

100 Global Companies Leverage Infosys


Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], August 4th (ANI / PRNewswire): Infosys Living Labs enables businesses to leverage an on-demand, multi-tiered digital infrastructure of technology, processes, talent and innovation ecosystems. The flexibility of tapping these features into a modular service rather than increasing or decreasing the same functionality within the company is appealing to businesses.

Turkka Cusist, President and Chief Executive Officer of Posti Group Oiji, said:

Infosys Living Labs helps businesses adapt to new priorities and market trends, and strategic innovations enable them to accelerate their response to these changes. This has proven to be an important business capability for a company to drive recovery and growth in its next normal state. Infosys Living Labs fulfills its promises: Speed: Companies are working with Infosys to create the right conditions for rapid experimentation and response to market needs. Through Infosys Living Labs, we are launching an agile innovation cycle that begins with the installation of listening posts for trend spotting. They are also harvesting ready-to-scale innovations from the Infosys Innovation Ecosystem of startups and academia partners. The Infosys Living Labs sandbox and incubation facility also includes a shared manufacturer space at the Infosys Global Digital Center to accelerate the innovation process. A good example is how Infosys Living Labs helps US investment firms discover changing consumer trends in their businesses and build game-based visualizations of the benefits of their customers’ retirement savings in digital centers. Was it useful for you? This human experience has led to the coveted rise in their sales during the pandemic.

Scope: Infosys Living Labs helps companies expand their innovation by bringing new technology expertise across the global footprint, in addition to the cross-industry experience most companies demand. For example, a European email service company used Infosys Living Labs to build a highly efficient parcel sorting mechanism. In collaboration with Infosys Living Labs, they created a cloud-based IoT-assisted system with central intelligence that works automatically and accurately all year round. This saved the cost of installing additional sorting facilities during peak seasons.

Scale: Solutions that need to work on a large scale need to be designed on a large scale, so companies leverage Infosys Living Labs’ proven frameworks and best practices to bring large-scale innovations to market. They rely on Infosys Living Labs’ talents and technology to help them manage their pilot-to-production launches smoothly. As an example, multinational food distributors have used Infosys Living Labs to digitize complex inbound supply chains. Using a persona-focused, prototype-driven approach to validate different solutions with stakeholders, Infosys carefully mapped requirements and scaled prototypes to a functional landscape. In Agile Sprint, which took place over the next few weeks, digital solutions replaced 20% of legacy landscapes, driving 30% productivity gains.

Ravi Kumar S, President of Infosys, said: “The abilities, skills, and culture needed for continuous experimentation, learning, and adaptation are inherent in the organization’s DNA, which gives digital natives incredible benefits. Infosys Living Labs has its own digitalization. Helps to become digital on-demand when is accelerating and the benefits of transformation are not yet fully realized. ”Infosys Living Labs is partnering with venture capital investment. The weapons of global companies, on the one hand, mutually enrich the portfolio of technology innovators, and on the other hand bring more innovation value to more companies.

“We are pleased to partner with Infosys to provide access to Infosys’ global client base to help portfolio companies expand new heights. Infosys has a rich legacy and portfolio of outstanding delivery. Bringing Global Access to Enterprises. We are Growth Investors in Lighthouses. Technology and Infosys Living Labs bring best-in-class technological innovation to clients while reducing the risk of adopting startup solutions for Infosys clients. It offers a great opportunity, “said Matthew Koertge, Managing Director of Telstra Ventures.

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