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About The State Of Illinois

The State of Illinois Illinois is a midwestern located state that is in the USA. As far as population goes, it ranks sixth and has an estimated twelve to thirteen million inhabitants. It is a “long” state geographically from the furthest north portion to the furthest southern location and this measurement is reported to be 390 miles. As far as width goes, it is relatively narrow at a maximum of 210 miles. With the dimensions stated, it ranks sixth as far as the total area of land occupied. The state capital is in Springfield Illinois which comes to a surprise for many people across the USA as they only think of Chicago when they hear Illinois.

One of the most disturbing things for Illinois residents is to constantly hear the state name mispronounced. The name “Illinois comes from a French background and makes it so that the “nois” portion of the state name is pronounced “noy”. This has given to one of the pet peeves for residents and you can hear them say “There is NO NOISE in Illinois” which is basically poking fun at uninformed people that don’t know how to properly pronounce the name of the state. LOL

the state of Illinois

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Glendale Heights

Arlington Heights
Des Plaines

Fairview Heights
Orland Park
Tinley Park
Oak Lawn
Mount Prospect
Hoffman Estates
Oak Park
Downers Grove

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